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I know you.
I will Vouch for you.

At VouchPeople we want to create a new way of networking; one that genuinely helps job seekers to tell their story.

We want to offer a way forward where no talented individual is left behind.

This is why your knowledge and experience of seeing them in action is a vitally important part of helping them to tell their story and to be matched with the right employer.

Your feedback, whether it’s from working with an individual or seeing them in another capacity, could be key to their gaining the right employment.

That’s why we ask that you tell their story honestly and accurately. Your input is so important in helping to create the change that we want to see through the VouchPeople movement.

A movement that leaves no talent behind.

The fundamental principle of VouchPeople is to help match candidates with recruiters based on recommendations about their experience, character and skills.

We believe People know People. To Vouch for someone is to support their good character based on your knowledge or experience of them.

Why would I vouch for someone?

Why would I vouch for someone? For some time now recruitment processes have been driven by algorithms and automation: the human touch has been taken out. As a result, time and time again, great quality candidates are overlooked for positions that would be perfect for them.

Do you know someone you’d like to vouch for? They’re someone you have worked with, whether it’s in a professional or extracurricular capacity, someone whose qualities and attributes you have experienced first-hand. By vouching for someone, you are helping to put people back into the heart of the process.

ll you have to do is complete the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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