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How we can help

Do you have a team you’re looking to develop further?
Are you looking to enhance your company induction programme?
Or are you having to let staff go, but still want to support them in finding their next role?

Business coaching

Helping them raise their performance, develop their skills or create a career plan. We’ll help your people understand what they need to do to make a tangible shift and enable them to develop key skills for your business.

Mastering your first 90 days

Help them make a great impact in your business.

Give your managers and leaders the boost to become productive and make a positive impact with their teams and stakeholders within the first weeks in their role. 

Mock interviews (including video) and assessment centres

Help them to be prepared.

You want to help level the playing field by supporting your staff to be at their best, let us help you to help them take the nerves out of the interview process. We can help guide them through assessment scenarios, giving them chance to practice and improve their interview skills, so that when the time comes for their real interview there won’t be any surprises.

Outplacement support

Their expertise in black and white.
If you’re in the unfortunate position of having to let staff go, you’ll want to help to make sure that they land their next role soon. Their job application and CV are the first impression that they’ll make on their next employer, so it’s vital that they’re clear, legible and really sell their skills and expertise.

We’ll guide you in helping them write a job winning CV that reflects their skills, aspirations and character.

Personal social media strategy
Don’t let them be caught out with an unprofessional social media profile.

We’ll help you to guide your staff on how to develop a social media profile that portrays the right image and makes a great first impression.

For more information on how we can help you, please contact us at