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Please bear in mind that we are a start-up so some of our services and tools are not yet fully established. 

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Once I register my interest, what happens next?

At this stage we’re just taking registrations from people who are interested in creating a VouchPeople profile.  Once you register your interest someone from our VouchPeople team will be in touch to discuss the next steps.

Is Vouchpeople free?

VouchPeople is free for individuals to register their details and interest.  Once we go live we’ll be back in touch to help you to get matched with employers.

There are some paid-for services that are optional.  There is no charge for people vouching for you and there are a number of tiered packages for employers to purchase.  Please contact us for more details via

What kind of positions will I find on Vouchpeople?

VouchPeople is not a job board. We are a matching service designed to help people to showcase their skills, experience and strengths by being vouched for by others.

Will you have more jobs in the future?

We’re constantly updating our employer network and will be expanding this feature in the future. Stay tuned!

Can companies see my age, gender, nationality and ethnicity data?

No, none of this information will be shared without your permission. If you choose to submit this information to them outside of Vouch People as part of the application process then this is outside of Vouch Peoples control.

Companies may use Vouch People to raise awareness of specific events or relevant information to various demographic groups but at no point is individual data disclosed to companies.

Can I invest in VouchPeople?

Like what you see and want to be more involved with VouchPeople? Please contact us via

Question not answered?

Drop us an email at and we will be happy to answer it for you.