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Our Vision for VouchPeople

At VouchPeople, we want to unlock hidden talent pools; to give employers access to those talented people that wouldn’t normally be visible through the recruitment process.

In our opinion, the recruitment matching process has become an impersonal one. Rather than looking at the strengths, skills and experience that candidates have to offer, the industry has become one which uses algorithms and artificial measures to assess people’s suitability for jobs. This results in, albeit unintentionally, many people being rejected from opportunities that they could be a great match for.

It’s time to change.

We are the VouchPeople movement. A movement that puts people at the heart of the recruitment process.  A movement that gives employers access to the hidden talent that is all around us.

Our promise to you

The human touch is so important to us here at VouchPeople and you have our commitment that we’ll keep that at the forefront of the work we do. We promise to keep in touch with you – we won’t leave you waiting for a response. In return, we’d love for you to join the VouchPeople movement. There are three ways in which you can do this.