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Bringing the human touch to the world of recruitment will be more important than ever in a post Covid-19 world. That’s why we have launched VouchPeople.

Why VouchPeople

Perhaps you’ve been overlooked or failed to progress in a recruitment process for any number of reasons – your education, your background, or where you live.

At VouchPeople we believe that your skills, experience and abilities should be the factors that are taken into account when matching you to employers – that any type of arbitrary deselection process isn’t right.

We have created a platform for those people who know you and have worked with you to be able to tell your story – to vouch for you. Whether it’s someone you’ve worked for in a professional capacity, or someone you’ve been involved with in extracurricular activities, give them the opportunity to tell recruiters where your strengths lie – to sing your praises in a truly credible way.

We want to help

We understand what employers are looking for and we know which are seeking talented individuals like you. Together, we can make that match.